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alt As a divemaster, often do dive with a group, for which I am Responsible. I pay attention to all the pairs of divers coming behind me. Due to the limited field of view (mask, cylinders) is a tedious task.

In Addition, divers are often do fascinated by the underwater world stop, leave, do not keep the pattern. Sign keeping together is ignored often do. It has long been thought of what it is to have eyes around the head.

Nature did not prepare us for Associating with unruly partners. It was impossible to control the flow direction, at the same time to see what they do members of the group. Until ...:-)



alt I invite you to watch the set of pictures that will present you the enormity of applications offered by the purchase of mirrors created by me.

I strongly invite you also to send pictures using my mirrors in practice - on a web page is the opportunity to vote for the best pictures. Those who prove to be the best will be rewarded by me with special gifts.




alt If you have any questions, please feel dispel your doubts.

We cordially invite you to contact me - there are many different forms of contact, including in particular a direct phone, contact us via mailboxes or direct contact with the website using a special contact form.



Marcin Kręt

Szkolna 3a
05-340 Kołbiel









  • Cycles
    The most important task is to ensure the safety mirrors on public roads...
  • Divingy
    Constant observation flowing steam or partner for us, just gently lift your hand...
  • Quads
    Travels through the wilderness might want to check whether colleagues are jescze us. Helmet and goggles to effectively limit the field of view...
  • Enduro / Motocross
    Visibility to the rear of the helmet and goggles is very limited, so a small mirror...